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new media / TV:
  • That Cosplay Show (55+Million Views)  -  Host/Writer  -  Schadenfreude Industries
  • Future Shock  -  Archibald  -  Nickelodeon
  • Undercover Cupid  -  Raphael  -  Nickelodeon/NickMom
  • The Flip Side  -  "Dating"/"Gym"  -
  • Super Moms  -  Dr. Deconstructo  -  NickMom/Nick Jr.
  • Video Game Reunion  -  Eric  -  Comedy Central/
  • Elevator  -  Harold the Janitor  -  HBO Lab
  • Gathr Films  -  Spokesman/Writer  -  Glen Echo Entertainment
  • N.Y.P.D.M.  -  Fagin  -  Schadenfreude Industries
  • Payback  -  Host/Master Prankster  -
  • Turbo Dates  -  Dirk (Featured)  Wr./Dir. Terry Rossio
  • Speed Dating  -  Matt/Writer  -  HBO Lab
  • Helio Red Carpet  -  Host/Writer  -  Helio Mobile

  • Comet  -  Bartender  -  IFC Films/Dir. Sam Esmail
  • Tooken  -  Sam the Stoner  -  Elevative Entertainment
  • Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon  -  Doug (Principal)  -  Glen Echo Entertainment
  • The Thirst: Blood Wars  -  Dick (Featured)  -  Ninja Mutt Productions
  • Burial Party  -  Jacob (Lead)  -  Fastigium FIlms

  • Sarah Coomes Sketch Show  -  Performer/Writer  -  The Comedy Store
  • Romeo and Juliet  -  Balthasar  -  The Kennedy Center
  • One Hour  -  Officer Fick  -  The Asylum Theatre
  • The Zoo Story  -  Jerry  -  Arts House Theater
  • Cabaret  -  Emcee  -  Harold Prince Theater

Improvisation, Snowboarding, Skiing, Painting, Drawing, Guitar, Multiple Dialects, Character Voice Over

Upright Citizens Brigade (Improv and Sketch Writing), The Groundlings, Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop, Howie Gold Workshop, Sharon Chatten Studio, Michael Billington Workshop (London), Arena Stage (D.C.), UCLA (Comedy Writing), University of Pennsylvania (English and History)

Ben is an actor, writer, comedian and artist living in Los Angeles. He has performed Shakespeare at the Kennedy Center and stand up comedy at the Hollywood Improv. In addition to several feature films, Ben has appeared in countless webisodes. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Ben likes tutoring, chess, live music and short walks on the beach.

Ben Pace
acting, writing, comedy...

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